Goat Tower attracts visitors from all over


SHELBY COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) - Built from 5,000 bricks and 276 wooden steps, the goat tower is home to six friendly goats.

David and Marcia Johnson designed the tower in 1998 after seeing a similar tower at a winery in South Africa. Jack Cloe of Herrick, Illinois helped build the tower.

There are six compartments for the goats to burrow. The tower stands 31 feet tall and is 7 feet wide making it the largest goat tower in the world. The Johnson's say it took about three months to build. David Johnson says it is the world's largest by accident saying, "When we got up halfway up, we knew we were out of scale, so we had to do an extra wrap on our tower to make it look right. So that made ours the world's largest goat tower by mistake."

At one time, the family had more than 30 goats, now only six. Marcia Johnson says the goats are part of the family saying, "Every morning, it's the thing that gets you up in the morning; come out and take care of the goats. It's a constant thing."

The Johnson's love their goats and love having guests visit. They say they have met people from all over the world like Canada, Africa and Germany because of their tower. They ask if you would like an up close and personal view of the goats and their home to email and set up a time, so the Johnson's can ensure they will be home to show you around. You can contact the Johnson's at mjohnson6851@me.com.

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