Yingying's family heads back to China

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URBANA, Ill. (WAND): Yingying Zhang's family heads home Monday.

Yingying Zhang is a University of Illinois scholar who has been missing since June 9th. Her parents, aunt, and boyfriend have been in Urbana helping with the search.

As 28-year-old Brendt Christensen awaits trial for kidnapping that resulted in a death, the Zhang family returns to China.

U of I officials say Yingying's mothers health has been deteriorating.

"Imagine learning that your child has been kidnapped and that, you know, something horrible has probably happened to them and now you can't find them," Robin Kaler, with the University of Illinois, says. "You have no closure at all and I think that's just really hard on a persons body and mind and heart."

The family isn't taking any of Yingying's belongings with them. They say they will return when there is a break in the case.

Christensen's defense team is still waiting to hear back from the federal judge.

They asked for the trial date to be pushed back. It is currently set to begin in February.

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