Shoplifting suspect charged with using purse in theft

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Barlinda Witherspoon, 36 Barlinda Witherspoon, 36

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – Police say they arrested a shoplifting suspect accused of putting stolen items into her purse.

Officers say a loss prevention officer at Kroger (1818 Airport Plaza, Decatur) showed them surveillance video from Feb. 2, 2017, in which a man and 36-year-old Barlinda Witherspoon worked to steal alcohol and toiletries from the store.

Police say the two can be seen in the video going to several aisles together as she took things from shelves, starting with a four-pack of Sutter Home wine that was out of its box. At that point, officers say the man and woman took several packages of women’s deodorant and razors and put them in the purse.

Officers say the man then left the woman alone at the front of the store before she went to the liquor aisle and put two bottles of Jack Daniels “Gentleman Jack” in her purse. She’s accused of taking the purse through the store exit without paying for anything in it.

Police say a Kroger manager stopped Witherspoon on Feb. 8 after Kroger workers watched her try to put deodorant in her purse. The manager told her to empty the bag.

Witherspoon is in the Macon County Jail this week with a bond set at $10,000. She's facing a retail theft charge.

Police say Witherspoon has a previous conviction for retail theft on her record.

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