A look inside the Dana Thomas House

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill (WAND)- It's a glimpse inside the mind of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. 

"The Dana Thomas House was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and was built between 1902 and 1904 for Susan Lawrence Dana, who was primarily interested in the home as a place to host receptions and for socializing so the place has many spaces for entertaining" said Justin Blandford, Superintendent for State Historic Sites in Springfield. 

The home is located on the corner of 4th Street and Lawrence on the outskirts of downtown Springfield, and features many pieces of original furniture from Frank Lloyd Wright. 

"It houses the largest collections of art glass and Frank Lloyd Wright designed furniture anywhere in the country, for his early period of work called the Prairie School Period, so many people travel from all around the world to Springfield to see the collection of beautiful art glass and also just the astounding collection of furniture that's part of the Dana Thomas House, " said Blandford. "It really is an expression of the genius of Frank Lloyd Wright he was trying many new techniques in the home for the first time, things that he used in other homes and subsequent projects and some of those techniques were isolated only to this project"

The impressive home sits at 12,00 square feet and offers tours to the public seven days a week. 

 "Guests are really amazed by the many facets of designs. It's also a very large home at 12,000 square feet so there is a lot to see. That's why we have so many repeat guests who come back and say they have seen something new their second third or fourth visit.," said Blandford. "The size of the Dana Thomas House is an important factor in it's prominence today, it was his largest commission in terms of the economic or the capital piece but also the size up to 1902. So in the larger aspect of his portfolio and for us to have preserved such a large historic site is also very significant."

The Dana Thomas House will be participating in the Downtown Springfield Holiday Walk. They will be staying open until 8 pm on Wednesday and offer guided tours through the house decked out in holiday decorations.

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