Park City attempted murder suspect enters not guilty plea


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – One of the woman charged with attempted murder and home invasion in the Park City Mobile home appeared in court this week.

Mikayla Melton, 18, plead not guilty to the charges on Wednesday.

Police say Melton was part of a robbery team that targeted the Park City Mobile Home neighborhood.

Decatur police also arrested 19-year old Damon L. Davis for two home invasions on Sept. 20. One in the 3400 block of Kent Avenue, and the other in the 1300 block of Delta Circle.

Police say a 52-year old woman was shot in the right forearm, right thigh, and chest during the home invasion on Delta Circle.  Police also say the victim survived her injuries. 

The victim told officers that a white female and black male entered her home, and that the man demanded money. 

According to police sworn statements, the victim refused and attempted to leave her home, at which time an altercation happened, resulting in the woman being shot on her porch.

The suspects were arrested on Oct. 10 following a tip from what police are identifying as an anonymous source.

Melton is due back in court on Dec. 21. 

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