Plan for new restaurants, stores draws concern


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – Business developers say they have a plan to improve a busy part of Decatur.

DMX Real Estate says it’s working with other developers to potentially build two restaurants and other retail stores along the corner of Ash Avenue and U.S. Route 51.

“(We’re) bringing new businesses into the community that will generate new sales tax revenue, local construction jobs (and) new permanent jobs,” said DMX Co-Founder Andrew Goodman.

Neighbors who live near the corner of 51 and Ash say they aren’t happy about the possible changes.

“We have fought this before when they tried to put the ALDI in and the situation has not changed,” said Bob Hohlbauch. “The traffic is still as bad as it was in the past and they’re still trying to throw this down our throats.”

Julie Bresnan, another neighbor, says the new businesses would have an entrance across from her house, which has heightened her traffic concerns.

The proposal still has to go through a zoning committee in Decatur before the city council puts it to an approval vote. Developing could start in the spring next year if it gets approved. 

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