The Fabric Cobbler finds growth in Forsyth


Forsyth, IL (WAND) - The Fabric Cobbler boasts the most bolts of fabric in Central Illinois.

   Owner Scarlett Wells opened her store in on East Ruehl Street in Forsyth in August of 2014 after starting the fabric sale shop in her home.

     The Fabric Cobbler store now holds 11 thousand bolts of fabric with every theme and design you can think of including Game of Thrones, Kiss, Moana, and other popular themes and kids characters.

    Wells says she offers kits to go along with the materials to make everything from handbags, to skirts, to quilts of course, and a new "hot item" 100 percent cotton bowl holders for the microwave.

    Wells donates thousands of yards of fabrics to organizations that help kids like the Linus Project and fabric for pillow cases for HSHS Saint John's where she says her son's life was saved this year.

     Her business car is hard to miss wrapped with the Fabric Cobbler Logo with her characture.

    Wells has big plans in 2018, including a store remodel, opening a franchise in Seattle to be run by her mother, and a Wedding Date with her Fiance'. The Fabric Cobbler was featured Wednesday in the Wand News Business Watch.

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