Crafted Christmas items to raise money for hospital


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – Senior citizens in the Decatur area are raising money for a hospital.

People at Tanglewood Village are part of an effort to donate to HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital’s Auxiliary Christmas Extravaganza. They’re creating crafted items to sell at the event, which will feature holiday decorations for the public to purchase at the hospital.

All proceeds will go help with items needed in the St. Mary’s nursery.

“The funding this year is for blue blankets, which (go) around children that have yellow jaundice,” a person at Tanglewood Village said. “(The children are) wrapped up in his blanket, which they do not have at St. Mary’s right now.”

Jaundice is a condition that happens when a person’s skin and eyes start yellowing. The condition could mean a person has liver, blood cell or pancreas issues, according to

The Auxiliary Christmas Extravaganza is scheduled for Dec. 6. Organizers hope to raise $9,000 this year.

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