Upcoming play adds twist to Christmas classic


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – A play that puts a twist on a Christmas classic is set to open in Decatur.

Theatre 7 is performing “Christmas Chaos”, which is a variation of “A Christmas Carol”. In the original production of “A Christmas Carol”, the cold-hearted Ebenzer Scrooge meets with three Christmas ghosts to learn an important lesson about the holiday season.

The director of “Christmas Chaos” says this new performance takes a different approach.

“We have an actor who plays several roles,” said director Jan Hooten. “None of them belong in ‘A Christmas Carol’. She comes out from Macbeth, from Hamlet (and) she comes out from ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Everyone says, ‘What are you doing? Get off the stage! It’s the wrong play!’ So yet again, it follows the storyline of ‘A Christmas Carol’, so Scrooge does ultimately learn his lesson”.

“Christmas Chaos” is happening on Dec. 7 and Dec. 8 at the Decatur Club and will involve dinner with the show. Tickets cost $45 per person.

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