Chance to become a permanent 'South Park' character

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(WAND) - The creators of Comedy Central's show 'South Park' are offering to turn you into a permanent character.

A $10 donation to Next for Autism will automatically enter people for a chance to have their voice and likeness in the show.

The winner will be flown to the Los Angeles studio and drawn into the show permanently as one of the random townspeople that yell at the mayor and run down the streets.

You can enter into the drawing by donating to NEXT for Autism. The more you donate, the more entries you get in the drawing.

There's also perks if you donate more than $10. If you give a $100, you get a limited edition south park t-shirt. A $2,000 donation will get you a signed South Park episode script by Parker and Stone.

Next for Autism is a nonprofit organization that runs programs to support people with autism and their families across the country.

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