Lawmakers tackle controversial voter registration system

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CHICAGO, Ill (WAND)- Illinois lawmakers are trying to end Illinois' relationship with controversial Crosscheck voter registration system. 

A group of senators introduced a bill Thursday that would prohibit the state from using any other voter registration system other than the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC). Crosscheck has come under fire after many critics say it leaves sensitive voter information vulnerable for hackers. 

"It is evident that Crosscheck is a far inferior program that makes data susceptible to hackers. We've already been hacked once by Russians, we've been hacked again and again by other organizations throughout the state of Illinois its important that we protect these systems." said Senator Michael Hastings, D-Tinley Park. 

Other critics say the system is nothing more than an attempt to keep minorities from voting. 

"Crosscheck can be used to knock valid voters off the rolls, and it disproportionately impacts minority voters, who are more likely to share last names and be flagged by the system. That flies in the face of voter protection policies we have embraced in Illinois." said Senator Kwame Raoul, D-Chicago. 

This bill was drafted after a vote by the Illinois State Board of Elections ended in a tie, leaving Crosscheck system in place. 

Crosscheck is a system designed by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, it is meant to flag voters who are registered in multiple states. Illinois began using the system in 2010.

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