Mayor says council received coal report in closed session


Springfield, Ill (WAND) – The Springfield mayor’s office has responded to a lawsuit first reported in an exclusive WAND I-TEAM report.

The main thrust of the lawsuit contended city council members were left in the dark concerning a 2015 coal procurement report when they voted on a coal contract in 2016.  Coal is used in the municipal owned Dallman power plant operated by CWLP.

Attorney Frederick W. Nessler contends the report was never given to council members causing them to not vote for a contract offering a better quality of coal at a lower cost.  Nessler’s suit contends the city could have saved as much as $5 million a year.

On Friday, the mayor’s office issued a release stating council members were given the report in a closed March 2016 executive session. 

The release goes on to say it was not made public due to negotiations and possible future arbitration.

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