Budweiser hopes to brew in space

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(WAND) - Budweiser is heading to space!

On Friday, the company is sending barley seeds from Cape Canaveral, Florida to the International Space Station. This is a two part experiment to see how the barley seeds will behave in a micro-gravity environment and if they can germinate. According to the Kennedy Space Center, the Space X Falcon 9 rocket will take off Friday, December 8th, It will orbit the planet for a month and then will depart back to earth. When back on earth,  researches will see how well the barley seeds developed.

This is only the start of the experiment, researchers will have to deal with the varying temperature on Mars, it can get as cold as -195 degrees (F) and as high as 70 degrees (F). They will also have to figure out how barley seeds and brewing will react to limited sunshine and water, as well as micro-gravity.

If all goes smooth, the company could soon be brewing on Mars!

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