Police shooting settlement approved in Champaign


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND): An unarmed man shot by a Champaign police officer will receive a $93,000 settlement from the city.

23-year-old Dehari Banks was shot in the shoulder last June after fleeing police during a traffic stop.

The state's attorney says the officer slipped during the foot chase, accidentally firing his gun.

Champaign's city council approved the settlement in a unanimous 8-0 vote. In Tuesday night's meeting, they added the settlement includes attorney fees.

"Well, if someone has a claim that we think has any merit we are more inclined to talk to that person before they file a lawsuit," Fred Stavins, attorney for the City of Champaign, says. "It saves the city expense and it also is good for the person with the claim... it saves them expense as well."

Banks still faces criminal charges for aggravated fleeing from police and aggravated driving under the influence of cannabis.

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