Lawsuit against Coles County dismissed

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URBANA, Ill. (WAND)- A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed against Coles County by two businessmen.

In August, Robbie Perry and James Dukeman filed the suit against the county, after county officials reassessed commercial properties in Mattoon Township as part of a multi-year reassessment. State law requires counties to reassess such properties every four years, but the county had not reassessed commercial properties in sixteen years.

Perry and Dukeman argued that the increase in their taxes was unfair and unconstitutional, since the reassessment meant they would pay much more while others in the county had not yet been reassessed.

The county argued that the matter should be decided at the state level, not by federal courts. In his decision, Judge Colin Bruce agreed and wrote that “(p)laintiffs could challenge their tax bills and raise their equal protection claim in state court proceedings".

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