Governor: 'I am not in charge'

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) – Gov. Bruce Rauner says House Speaker Mike Madigan is slowing things down in Illinois.

The governor spoke angrily about Madigan in a Tuesday press conference, saying he can’t “fix Illinois” until Madigan no longer works in his current job. He says current political leadership puts him in a position where he is taking a backseat.

“We’d have our problems fixed,” Rauner said. “Illinois would be on a great future. We would have 200,000 more jobs in this state. We would have lower property taxes in this state. We would have term limits in this state if I was in charge. I am not in charge. I’m trying to get to be in charge.”

Madigan is the longest-serving House speaker in U.S. history. He originally took on the role in 1983 and passed a South Carolina leader for the record earlier in 2017.

He and the governor have clashed in recent years. In one of Rauner's campaign ad for the 2018 gubernatorial race, other Republican governors in the U.S. “thanked” Madigan on camera for jobs leaving Illinois and going to their states.

State Rep. Jeannie Ives is challenging Rauner on the Republican side in the 2018 race for office. At least four Democrats have also entered their names in the next election cycle.

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