Package thieves hitting Decatur, police offer tips


DECATUR, Ill (WAND) - The Decatur Police Department is warning of package thefts in the area.

Police say there have been recent thefts in the city and they ask everyone in the area to take proper steps in safeguarding packages that are ordered online.

"Require the package to be signed for upon delivery to your residence.  Utilize UPS and FEDEX tracking applications on your phone to track the exact delivery time on your package.  Take advantage of having your package delivered to an Amazon Locker when ordering on Amazon instead of having the package delivered to your home.  Have the package delivered directly to the store," says Crime Prevention Officer George Kestner.

 You are asked to contact the Decatur Police Department at 217-424-2711 if you have any questions on taking protective measures to safeguard packages ordered online.

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