Local mom hopes daughter's death helps save others

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ATWOOD, Ill. (WAND): A local mom is hoping to use her family tragedy to help others.

"I lost my daughter, Shalynn, on October 14th of this last year to an overdose," Stacy Welch says. "She had been to treatment, she was currently clean, and she had relapsed."

Stacy says she wants to keep this from happening to other mothers.

"I want to get the importance out there to notify someone," Welch says. "You can call your pastor, you can call a police officer, a family member - let someone know because we could have gotten her the help that she needed and she could be in treatment now."

Tonight Stacy is partnering with the Champaign Urbana Public Health District for a public awareness meeting about the overdose drug Narcan.

"They'll show a movie, they'll show us how to use the kit and they'll be available if you'd like to take one home," Welch says.

She plans to tell her daughters story and talk about the Good Samaritan Law.

"It protects citizens if you are around someone having an overdose, you can take them to the hospital, you can call somebody and you're not going to get in trouble," Welch says.

The event is happening Wednesday at Atwood-Hammond Elementary School at 7 PM/

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