Zoning board to hear firehouse relocation plan

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – Decatur leaders have a decision to make this week about a new firehouse.

The new station would be placed on the corner of West Mound Road and Greenridge Drive after it relocates from a spot near Brettwood Village in Decatur. The change is part of a long-term improvement plan in the Decatur Fire Department, which included other repairs and improvements across the city’s stations.

Leaders in the fire department say it makes better financial sense to replace the Brettwood Village station instead of just make repairs. They also say moving to West Mound Road will allow them to respond to fires faster.

“One of the things we have discovered is that we need to improve response times in the northwest quadrant of our community,” said Decatur Assistant City Manager Billy Tyus. “One of the things we are looking to do is relocate a fire station, and in this case it’s Fire Station 5.”

The fire station plan will be presented to Decatur’s Zoning Board of Appeals on Thursday. WAND-TV is planning to provide coverage on the result.

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