Police: Shooting caused by escalated fight

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URBANA, Ill. (WAND) – Urbana police say a shooting stemmed from a fight at a house in the city. 

Officers say it happened when two men started arguing in the 800 block of Fairview Ave. in Urbana. They say it escalated to a point where the men started fighting physically. 

Police say one of the men left, came back with a shotgun and fired at the other. Officers say that person, identified as a 52-year-old man, needed hospital treatment for an injury to his lower extremities. They say his injury is not life threatening.

Officers say the shooter took off from the scene in a car. 

The shooting forced Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in Urbana to start a soft lockdown, in which school leaders ended up sending students home. 

Police say the public does not face any other threat from this shooting. Anyone with information is asked to call Urbana police at (217)384-2320.

Police are continuing to investigate this week.

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