Decatur women go viral with dancing video


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – By now, you’ve probably seen it — and if you haven’t, you probably should.

87-year-old Jean Hupp and 93-year-old Norma Hazel prove you’re never too old to get your boogie on. A video from Eagle Ridge of Decatur featuring the two dancing to the Electric Slide went viral on Facebook.

“[I was] sitting in a chair and everyone’s dancing and I was like ‘eh…I guess I’ll get up,’” said Hupp. “I get up and dance and then I dance some more.”

But 1.8 million views? More than 35,000 shares? That’s performing for quite an audience.

“I’m just really amazed,” said Hazel. “I never dreamed this would happen.”

“I thought I was in a dream,” Hupp said. “I dream a lot, but this was a better dream.”

Dancing is just a way of life for these two.

“I’ve danced since I was just a little girl,” Hazel said. “It was just so much fun and it’s just the natural thing for me…I’ll be dancing until the day I die.”

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