Salvation Army seeking additional donations


Decatur, Ill (WAND) – The Salvation Army in Decatur is seeing a shortfall in its annual Red Kettle fundraising trailing by $18,000 compared to the same time-period in 2016.

“18,000 is a pretty big number for getting the kettles caught up,” Major Wes Dahlberg told WAND’s Doug Wolfe. 

The Salvation Army is not sure exactly why the Red Kettle donations have dropped by so much.  But the organization, which serves people in need, thinks part of the issue can be attributed to natural disasters.

“The hurricane relief that we did earlier in the fall may have some affect now,” stated Dahlberg.  “We were afraid perhaps it would affect our fundraising during the Christmas season but we had hoped not.”

The Salvation Army is hoping its annual guns and hoses competition this weekend will help generate additional donations to help it reach goal.  The guns and hoses competition pits police, fire, ems and sheriff’s department against each other on Friday and Saturday to see which can raise the most money at kettles located at both Decatur Walmart’s and Sam’s Club.

Red Kettles will continue to collect donations through Saturday, December 23rd.  

(Pictured: Major Wes Dahlberg)

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