Campaign to open eyes about sex trafficking

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – Millikin University students want to put a spotlight on the sex trafficking issue.

Groups of students started the Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign on Thursday with an event at the University Commons Ballroom at Millikin. The focus of the program is education through outreach.

Students worked through five different methods of reaching the public. People posted awareness videos to YouTube, launched a social media platform on the topic, made and posted pamphlets across the Millikin community and Macon County, and put together a public service announcement for the greater central Illinois community.

“We looked at newspaper articles that showed that this initiative and this phenomenon does happen in the community,” said Millikin professor Laura Dean. “We found numerous stories of people being trafficked from Decatur to South Carolina. There used to be a large ring a few years ago … so it’s something that definitely does happen here in our community and we’re hoping through education campaigns that we can educate people about this issue so they can recognize it.”

Trafficking issues involved everything from online sex trafficking to labor trafficking and supply chain transparency. 

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