Nearly 50 tow truck drivers in Springfield to honor fallen tow brother


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - Nearly 50 tow truck drivers in Springfield on Saturday.  
They all lined up to take Ronald Chaney to his final resting place. Chaney was a tow truck driver that was killed December 1st, when a car struck him while he was loading a disabled one onto his truck. 
On Saturday tow truck drivers from across Illinois came to honor and remember Chaney 
Shane McDermith is the owner of Shaner's Towing and Springfield. He says all of this hits home, "it was one of our guys just two years ago. I got out there in 12 minutes. I still see him today laying in the center lane." He explains that it's very hard.  
McDermith and other drivers helped lay to rest another on of their tow-brother. McDermith says people from Danville, Peoria and even a couple from the St Louis area banded together. He explains that even though they may be competition, when something happens they all stick together. 

However, McDermith wants everyone to know and remember that it's an Illinois state law to slow down and move over. He says,"it's almost getting as dangerous as being shot. We're out there to help the people we have families too. We've got our lives." 

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