Champaign to vote on mechanical CPR devices

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND: Champaign City Council will vote Tuesday evening on buying CPR performing devices.

The city would front around $12,000 thousand dollars for 24 devices to be distributed around the county. The Champaign Fire Department applied for the grant for these devices.

Captain Tomlinson says they would help both the victims and emergency personnel because EMT's won't have to stand in a moving ambulance to do CPR.

"They're a device that goes across the chest of a victim that's in cardiac arrest and they do the CPR compressions for them," Captain Tomlinson, with the Champaign Fire Department, says. "They do perfect CPR every time and they've proven to increase the effectiveness of CPR by about 30 percent more and get a much higher save rate."

He says they will especially benefit towns with longer response rates.

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