Providing responders with information to improve safety

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill (WAND) - The goal is to provide responders with information and best practices to improve safety. 

Each year over 200 men and women that work to respond to accidents along roadways die. Just recently in Springfield, Ronald Chaney was killed after being struck by a car while loading a disabled one onto his truck. 

The Illinois Department of Transportation is helping to keep these deaths lower. I-DOT offers a Traffic Incident Management Training Program, a 4-hour class that includes EMS, police, firemen, tow works and construction workers with information about how to stay safe along the roadways. 

Teresa Haley is the facilitator for the course and says that the course helps save lives. 

Over 11,000 Illinois responders have already gone through the training, however there are still thousands that still need to be trained. Haley encourages people to go through the class more than once. 

Chris Moore is a tow truck driver that was hit along I-72, he says workers start to get comfortable and they need to be refreshed. 

The course is free and open to anyone interested. The IDOT website is where people can register. 

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