O'Charley's shut down after sanitary inspection report

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FORSYTH, Ill. (WAND) - O'Charley's in Forsyth was shut down Monday after a health code violation.

The Health department released the report that showed the restaurant received a sanitation score of 56. Any food facility with a score under 60, is forced to close down and correct the issues. Numerous violations were cited in the report including meat being past use by date, a dirty can opener, dishware exposed without adequate protection from contamination as well as a box of fish in a meat cooler dripping onto another container of meat.

Here is the complete report by the Macon County Health Department:

WAND News was contacted by viewers Monday night about the closure of O'Charley's, we reached out and staff answering the phone told us that they were not shut down by the health department but instead had "plumbing issues."

In a statement sent Wednesday, O'Charley's corporate leaders said they have addressed issues with the restaurant. 

"O'Charley's is dedicated to providing a quality dining experience to our guests," O'Charley's V.P. of Marketing David Ellis said. "We use an independent third party to evaluate our safety and health standards and are making immediate adjustments to our procedures as needed moving forward. Of paramount importance, O'Charley's values the safety of our guests and team members and holds all of our restaurants to only the highest standards." 

The store reopened Tuesday for lunch.

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