Police chief hopes addicts will seek help


KINCAID, Ill. (WAND) – Police in Kincaid hope a woman's step to seek help for addiction will give others struggling hope.

On Thursday, a young woman and her mother came to the station to ask for help. The young woman said she was tired of almost dying from overdosing several times in her life. She told officers her life is unmanageable.

The woman is a mother of young children and wants to enter rehab to take back her life.

Police spent several hours trying to find a rehab center that would work with her insurance. However, the earliest opening was six weeks away. After more searching officers were able to find a facility with an opening the next day, located about three hours away. 

They say the woman was able to make it to the facility the next morning.

The police department said they hope the program will get her clean and sober to be there for her kids.

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