Legal action threatened, money charged after hotel review

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Photo courtesy of WDRB Photo courtesy of WDRB

NASHVILLE, Ind. (WAND) – A couple will have ben pay a hotel more money after positing a negative review.

Katrina Arthur complained in a public online review that her room at the Abbey Inn and Suites in Nashvile, Ind., was unclean and had a sewage smell in it. She claims it was hard to find someone in the hotel to talk to about the problem.

The hotel’s lawyer responded to the review, telling Arthur the hotel could charge her $350 if she didn’t take it down. Arthur says the hotel had already charged the extra money to her checking account.

The Indiana Attorney General’s Office decided to get involved, filing a lawsuit saying the hotel violated the state’s Deceptive Consumer Sales Act.

Abbey Inn says in its rules that its workers are supposed to be told about issues and have a chance to fix them before a negative review is posted. They say customers can face a fine and possible legal action if they don’t take those steps.

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