HSHS Hospital babies get Santa hats

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill (WAND)- Babies born through Christmas at HSHS Hospitals are receiving little tiny Santa hats. 

HSHS St. John's Children's Hospital has given out 100 tiny hats to new born babies throughout the month of December. The nursing staff says parents have been excited to see their Christmas babies dressed up.

"They think that their babies look precious and we do too and we are just happy to do it because we love all these babies very much." said Kelsey Crawford, RN at St. John's Children's Hospital. 

Mark Shafer, is one of those new parents who gets to see his son Hunter in a tiny hat. Mark says he looks like "a little candy cane". His son Hunter was born just a few days before Christmas to the joy of his parents. 

"He was born at 6:54 last night and he's the best Christmas gift I could have ever got. Everything is good, mom's good, I love the little pointy hat, it kind of livens the mood." he said smiling from ear to ear.

Hunter's grandma tells WAND, that he was born on his parents one year anniversary. 

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