Central Illinois at an elevated risk of flu

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND): Flu season is upon us.

"A lot of colds, a lot of sinus issues, some flu's," Shelly Tangen, a nurse practitioner with Promise Healthcare, says ."We've seen a couple of flu's so far this season."

The Center for Disease Control says central Illinois is at an elevated risk of the flu right now.

Doctors are encouraging basic hygiene practices to keep yourself healthy.

"First and foremost, I think hand washing is the most important thing anybody can do," Tangen says.

With holiday travelers gearing up for the weekend, she says take precautions.

"I know people can't always avoid overly populated areas, however, if you want to wear a mask, you can wear a mask," Tangen says.

And if you're already feeling under the weather, try to keep a distance from others.

"It's hard around the holidays if you want to see people," Tangen says. "Especially if you've traveled or if they've traveled but, you know, kind of isolate yourself."

There have been two flu related death in McLean County this year.

Doctors say it's never too late to get your flu shot.

"The flu shot doesn't cover every single strain," Tangen says "It does cover a few strains here and there, so yeah, it's definitely worth it."

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