DeWitt County residents blow back on possible wind farms


CLINTON, Ill. (WAND) — Wind farms could be coming to DeWitt County and some residents are not too happy about it.

Opponents of the wind farms gathered to support adjustments to the zoning restrictions around the proposed wind farms, increasing the distance between homes and the turbines.

The DeWitt County Board didn’t weigh in on the measure yet, but opposition leaders like Andrea Rhodes say this is a good first step.

“We just want our elected officials to listen to the community and give us an opportunity to voice our concerns,” Rhodes said. “Hopefully they become educated on what a wind farm could potentially impact [in] the community and let us have a little bit of a voice in the decision they end up making.”

The DeWitt County Land Use Committee will now look at the proposal and determine whether to recommend it to the full county board.

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