December warmth to December deep freeze


Decatur, Ill (WAND) – In recent weeks boats could be spotted on Lake Decatur with fishermen looking for a nice late season game fish.  Now the lake is covered with ice.

Temperatures this month reached the 50s.  But Christmas Eve brought 3.3 inches of snow to Decatur.  Early Wednesday temperatures in much of central Illinois plunged below zero with more cold days ahead.

One city worker was outside in 1-degree temperatures on Wednesday clearing ice and snow from street entrances to sidewalks by hand.  He told WAND News it was his second day outside doing the work. 

Experts warn you should be aware of the possibility of hypothermia if you have to be outside.  The symptoms include confusion, difficulty speaking, shivering, sleepiness and stiff muscles.  You should seek medical attention if you think hypothermia is occurring.

(Pictured: Geese huddle on frozen Lake Decatur. December 27, 2017.)

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