Cold temperatures outside could cause damages inside

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Temperatures throughout certain parts of Central Illinois are expected to drop below zero. 

The cold weather outside is making for some issues inside. One of those issues cold weather can make is water pipes freezing. 

Plumbers throughout Central Illinois have been on frozen pipe calls all day Friday. Burdick Plumbing and Heating says that by noon that had already been to twelve different houses. 

Brandon Burdick is a Estimator and Project Manager for Burdick Plumbing and Heating, he explains that on days where the temperatures are low and the the wind chill is low water pipes can get below 32 degrees and freeze. 

Burdick explains that if water isn't coming out of the faucet, it's a sign the pipes are frozen. Burdick also says in some situations the pipes will unfreeze and then then leak all over the house or business causes thousands of dollars worth of damage. 

Burdick Plumbing and Heating explains that home owners and businesses should open cabinet doors, insulate water pipes, and let the sink drip a little. 

Burdick explains if your pipes bust, make sure you known where the main water valve is and then call a plumber. 

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