Drive sober or get pulled over


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) --The Macon County Sheriff's office and the Decatur Police Department are teaming up to keep you safe this holiday weekend. Decatur Police Department is amping up their officers on duty to make sure eveyone makes it home from their New Year's Eve Celebration. Lieutenant Jamie Belcher says, "Obviously we won't be able to control people from consuming alcoholic beverages, but just make sure you think before you get behind that wheel."

Belcher also warns the risk isn't worth the consequences of driving under the influence. He says, "Typically the people who get injured in those crashes are the innocent people who weren't intoxicated while they were driving." The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says nearly 800 people died from drinking and driving last December. The Macon County Sheriff's office says driving intoxicated doesn't only affect you. Belcher says, "If that person that they crash into were to get killed that has a ripple effect on their family. If that person was to get severely injured to where they have a permanent disability obviously that totally affects their life where they cannot work anymore. They can't enjoy their life as much as they could in the past."

This winter weather left road icy and slippery. These conditions will make driving more dangerous. Belcher says, "It's a huge mistake. They could take someone else's life or if they do get stopped and pulled over huge fines, and it affects your life for the rest of your life." Make sure you remember, "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over." 

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