Decatur welcomes first 2018 baby

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Pictured: Priscilla Janes with newborn son Milo Janes Pictured: Priscilla Janes with newborn son Milo Janes

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – The year’s first Decatur newborn has arrived on earth.

The mother, Priscilla Janes, gave birth to Milo Janes after 2 a.m. on New Year’s Day. He joins a growing family as the second of two children. His sister is 22 months old.

 “Once we realized he was going to be born in 2018, we were pretty excited because he would be a New Year’s baby,” Priscilla Janes said.

“I’m sure I’ll be just as protective,” father Joe Janes said about his son.

Milo joined his family at Decatur Memorial Hospital. The hospital staff gave the family a gift basket and a set of baby clothing in honor of the occasion.

The significance of a New Year’s Day birthday isn’t lost on the Janes family. They’re looking forward to celebrating a birthday each time the annual calendar resets.

“It will be pretty exciting," Priscilla said. "It will be fun."

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