Fitness tips for New Year's resolutions


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) — For David Winholtz, fitness is a way of life.

“I’ve always been active as a kid,” Winholtz said. “I played a lot of sports…[but] I got more out of helping my friends with their exercise programs.”

And this New Year’s Night is just the calm before the storm of fitness resolutions.

“Nobody gets off the couch and runs a marathon,” he said. “You progressively increase the intensity at which you work.”

Winholtz works as a personal trainer and fitness coach at Red Zone Fitness and Downtown Fitness in Decatur. His key to continuously increasing that intensity: keep it realistic.

“Setting a goal that’s way outside of your comfort zone is something that’s almost every single time going to fail,” Winholtz said. “Having something a little more tangible to see and posting it on your refrigerator or on the inside of your car…makes it a lot more realistic.”

But workouts are just part of the puzzle.

“We overindulge on sugars, sweets, carbs [and] things like that,” Winholtz said. “Knowing we need to back off those rather than eliminate them completely definitely helps.”

But hey, even the fittest of us still need to make time for a little cheat day here and there!

“I don’t eat perfectly,” Winholtz said with a smile. “Lemon shortbread cookies are my weakness.”

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