Unclaimed property claim process gains boost

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ILLINOIS (WAND) – A new system could make it easier for Illinoisans to find unclaimed property.

Illinois State Treasurer Michael Frerichs announced two new options Tuesday to help people recover lost items. They might include anything from lost bank accounts to insurance policy claims and forgotten safe deposit boxes.

The first option, E-Claiming, helps someone save processing time by submitting a claim electronically. Frerichs says the method will allow people to move their documentation to an online database for review. Fast Track makes claims for lower dollar amounts easier by comparing claim information to data reported on the property in question. The person is then given a fast payment if the claim is approved.

"We are excited to let the public know that claiming cash and property that belongs to them will be a much simpler, faster process," Frerichs said. "Our process always is free, safe and secure. And after listening to feedback from the public, it is now also quicker."

Frerichs said claims involving estates or deceased relatives probably won’t be eligible for fast payment services because of their complexity.

Visit this link to see if you have unclaimed property to recover. 

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