Voit: What's your nudge?


Casting a vision for 2018

This week, WAND Sports has been celebrating the top on-field moments of 2017 as well as the most inspirational storylines.

Sports director Gordon Voit sets the table for 2018 by encouraging you to follow the "nudge" to impact the community positively through sports.

Members of the viewing area that followed their nudge in 2017 included the Veterans and Friends golf group in Decatur, an idea hatched by founder Dale Jones. The group now serves dozens of veterans and disabled golfers.

Other nudges in 2017 included the $7 million act of generosity from the Demirjian family to University of Illinois athletics and the waves of knitted hats and scarves given to Decatur Public Schools students by Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church. They all started by obeying the little voice inside their head that said they could make a difference.

So what's your nudge?

When you follow it, reach out to Gordon Voit and we'll do a story on it! His email is gordon.voit@wandtv.com.

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