Walmart employee stole 2K for mother's surgery


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - A Walmart employee is behind bars after police say she stole over $2,000 from her cash register. 

Decatur police say they arrested Alexandria D. Bell on Tuesday around 1 a.m. on preliminary theft charges. 

According to a sworn statement, Bell began stealing from her cash drawer on Dec. 13. A store employee told police that Bell stole money about 12 different times. 

Each time Bell had a transaction she would open the cash register and take out cash and hide it. Each transaction was caught on video. 

During a police interview, Bell told police that she took the money to pay for her mothers surgery after she had a heart attack. Bell believes she took about $2,020 from her drawer. 

Bell was fired from Walmart and voluntarily wrote an apology letter to Walmart for taking the money. This is Bell's first adult arrest. 

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