Skywest petitioning DOT decision on Decatur Airport service


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – Skywest is petitioning the Department of Transportation to bring jest service to Decatur.

The petition is in response to a recent DOT decision to sign Cape Air to take over flights to and from the Decatur Airport next month.

The Decatur Park Board initially chose Cape Air to serve the airport, but later reversed that decision and chose SkyWest, amid a push from business groups and ADM. Cape Air had offered flights to both St. Louis and Chicago, while SkyWest offered jet service only to Chicago.

A Skywest spokesperson said they’re petition because of repeated requests by the community.

ADM had pledged $100,000 for airport improvements, contingent on the choice of SkyWest.

Cape Air plans to run 24 round-trip flights to Chicago and 12 round-trip flights to St. Louis, said spokesperson Trish Lorino.

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