Alleged Mattoon shooter will seek relocation before trial

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CHARLESTON, Ill. (WAND): The freshman who police say opened fire at Mattoon High School appeared in court Thursday. The shooter was 14-years-old at the time.

He's currently in juvenile detention but his lawyer says he needs psychological help. The defense said they plan to file a motion for him to be relocated pending his trial.

A doctor is expected to give a full mental health analysis to the court on February 2nd.

A relocation could mean he goes home or to a mental health facility. Or he could remain in juvenile detention.

He is being charged with a Class X Felony.

"For a minor, it provides that he could be placed in juvenile justice or the juvenile prison system up to his 21st birthday," Brian Bower, the Coles County States Attorney, says. "We have a juvenile petition, he is being treated as a child, he was a 14-year-old child at the time. It was an adult behavior, but it was a 14-year-old child."

The defense says they are having trouble finding a mental health facility for juveniles in the state of Illinois.

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