Central Illinois Treasures: Bayern Stube German Restaurant


GIBSON CITY, Ill. (WAND) - German restaurants are hard to come by, but WAND found a family-run establishment that's been serving up authentic German cuisine for almost three decades. 

When you visit Der Bayern Stube or The Bavarian Living Room, you can expect a very traditional, hearty German menu. 

“If you think of Germany, you think of meat and potatoes. We have a lot of sausages and schnitzels,” Owner, Jeanne Schnabel said.

Of course, you have to wash it all down with some genuine German beer.

“We do have Riggs beer, which is from Urbana, but he is a brew master that studied in Munich, so he brews his beers by the purity law,” Schnabel said.

As you enjoy your food and beer, taking in all of the authentic décor or “gemutlichkeit", heightens your German experience.

“A lot of the animals on the walls were shot by my grandfather. He was a game warden for 50 years, so a lot of the animals here are from him, " Schnabel said.

Despite a successful, 27-year run, they put the restaurant up for sale last October.

“When the day comes where I have to hand over the keys, it’s going to be really hard, because there’s pieces in here that used to hang in our house and I remember them from when I was little and this is my second home,” Schnabel said.

One thing is for sure, saying "Auf Wiedersehen", won't be easy.

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