Recycling do's and don'ts


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - One mans trash is another mans treasure, a saying we are use to hearing. This statement is more than true when it comes to the many household items we throw away on a regular basis. 

Items that are made from recycled materials include backpacks, sleeping bags, and carpet which all come from common house hold items. 

"If something is put into a landfill that is it's final disposal spot and those resources can't be used for any new products," says  Laurie Rasmus the Director of the Macon County Environmental Management Department. "So, recycling is great way of taking those resources and then separating them out and using them as commodities for manufacturing new products."

According to Midwest Fiber recycling, they recycle 3,500 tons of house hold goods a month in Decatur alone.  Those items that are recycled include your common house hold items like paper, plastic and cardboard. However, there are several others items that are able to be recycled as well. 

"Things that we take include tings like electronics, we also take household paint which we generally have events," added Laurie.  "There are also over 50 businesses that take things like used motor oil and rechargeable batteries as well."

However, there are things that people shouldn't be putting is recycling bins. 

"One of the biggest things that is a misconception is plastic bags," says Chad Ijames the General Manager of Midwest Fibers in Decatur. "Those are hard to recycle. Most of those like grocery bags and things like, that they need to go back to your grocery store." 

 Things like electronics can also be recycled. 

"A lot of the electronic items have metal items and plastics in them that can be made in to other electronics," added Laurie.  "When you think about all the things that have metal or plastic in them, it's almost limitless the amount of new items that can be made out of old electronics." 

There all multiple drop off location for both in the city of Decatur and outside where anyone can recycle house hold items for free. You can find those my visiting or by visiting Midwest Fiber Recycling's website. You can also find a list of business that recycle certain items, and a list of recycling events on as well. 

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