National push seeks end to mass incarceration

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ILLINOIS (WAND) – Illinois leaders are fighting back against the issue of mass incarceration.

A task force created by Gov. Bruce Rauner features a partnership between the Faith Coalition for the Common Good and the Sangamon County Juvenile Detention Center. Its goal is to make sure fewer children end up behind bars.

“Stop putting them in the penitentiary,” said one member of the partnership. “Most of the people I’ve met in the penitentiary didn’t need to be there. They had already learned their lesson before they got there because of the embarrassment and all that.”

The effort against incarceration in Illinois is part of a national push for the same change, spurred on by work in St. Louis, Atlanta, and Madison, Wisconsin. The effort in Missouri is centered around a “Raise the Age” campaign, which is looking to change the minimum age at which a person can be criminally charged as an adult from 17 to 18 in the state. 

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