Documents: 'Rodent infestation' led to restaurant closure


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND)- A rodent infestation led Macon County Health officials to suspend the permit of a Long John Silver’s restaurant Friday, according to documents obtained by WAND.

The restaurant regained its food permit on February 3 after inspectors found the “establishment has completed extensive cleaning and has completed remediation process with pest control.”

On December 20, the Macon County Health Department received a tip that the restaurant on West Eldorado Street had mice and that the floor was giving out. An inspection report two days later reported “mouse droppings found under soda fountain cabinet, no carcasses found” and recommended that the restaurant “must have pest control out within 10 days to establish new plan, ensure all outer openings have been sealed.”

Another inspection report on January 3 reported “mouse droppings are present under soda fountain.” An inspection report from February 2 reported that “due to establishment’s inability to remediate rodent infestation, Macon County food permit has been suspended” and that “Establishment’s permit will be reinstated when there is no evidence of rodent infestation. Establishment must work with pest control to ensure complete remediation.”

Below, you can find inspection reports from 2017 and 2018 for the restaurant. We have excluded photographs from those reports as they had been photocopied and were not discernible.

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