Schools to change emergency response system

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LOGAN COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) – Police say they’re changing how they respond to possible school emergencies.

Lincoln officers say Logan County law enforcement will use a four-step system if a shooting or other serious situation happens. The steps, created by the “I Love U Guys” Foundation,  combine to create the “Standard Response Protocol”.

The four steps are titled lockout, lockdown, evacuate and shelter. Police and school leaders will look to keep students inside of the school and safe, make sure classrooms are locked down, evacuate students if needed, and be aware of environmental hazards.

It also comes with a regulation stating students should, to some level, be aware of what’s happening in an emergency.

“(The rule is) certainly tempered at the elementary school (level),” the SRP poster explains. “But (students in) middle school and above need accurate information for the greatest survivability, to minimize panic and to mitigate recovery.”

See the PDF poster attached to this article for more information about the Standard Response Protocol.

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