Heroic Age Studios celebrates 25 years

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MOUNT ZION, Ill. (WAND) - Heroic Age Studios in Mount Zion is celebrating 25 years of service.

 In the basement of the former school sits a replica of a New Salem cabin for a movie production titled "Trick or Treats". 

The lights, the 6K camera and other production elements are from Paramount Pictures.

"In a nutshell, this particular part is the back story to the nursery rhyme," said Production Manager Tim Lynn. "Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater had a wife and couldn't keep her."

The horror film will be shot, edited and produced on-site. 

"We have folks from LA here looking at our own sound stage as well as a 30-percent tax credit in the state of Illinois and kinda what we're doing is bringing LA to here show them a lot of talent right here in Central Illinois," Lynn said. 

Heroic Age Studios is the vision of Millikin University graduate Eric Hector, who interned at Marvel Comics.

"I was the furthest person away they had taken for a college internship," Creative Director Eric Hector said. "While I was there we developed a system for coloring comics before they looked all dotty like a Roy Lichtenstein painting. Now they are all smoother and painted. We were the first people to use Photoshop to color Marvel comics. We (had to sneak) that in there on Doctor Strangelove No. 70."

"We are in the Heroic Age Arts Studio and this is the Blue Rock Record Studio," Blue Rock Records' Jeff Quick said. "We do music recording events (which) center around regional musicians (and) where they are trying to go to."

Blue Rock produced a song to pump up the team and fans of Decatur Blaze hockey.

"One band (is ready) to record an album, (but we're) not ready to release the name yet," Quick said. "Blue Rock Records and Heroic Studios are always bouncing ideas around."

Down the hall is a hair salon across from the 4K theater with reclining seats and 16-foot-tall screen.

L and L Studio, run by mother and daughter Laura and Lindsay, offers unique creations from Sterling Silver to recycled goods, creating art for the home or to wear. 

"There's nowhere that has the workshop here to where you can see the actual process and what's happening behind the scenes," said L and L owner Lindsey Harrison.

Then there's Laura Webb Photography. They were the first client to move in.

Laura Webb/Photographer:"It's a great way to kind of help women get over their insecurities and also create a really beautiful family heirloom that will outlive all of us treasured for ever," Webb said. 

There's also the virtual reality lab, where you can enter a whole new world. 

Tim Lynn: "We have an 18-thousand square foot facility and there's something for everybody," said Tim Lynn.

 You can find Heroic Age Studios on Facebook or by calling 217 864 -5111.

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