Knifepoint robbery case ends in prison time

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Kristen Hewerdine, 40 Kristen Hewerdine, 40

URBANA, Ill. (WAND) – A woman involved in a knifepoint robbery entered a guilty plea.

The News-Gazette reports 40-year-old Kristen Hewerdine admitted her involvement in a Sept. 17 robbery at a Champaign house. She went to an address in the 500 block of East White St. to visit with a man she dated at one point.

On that night, police say Hewerdine opened the front door for Johannes Moore, 39, who is accused of helping her rob the man who lives in the house. Officers say Moore searched the house for money and gave Hewerdine a pocket knife he brought with him.

Police say the two suspects took the man’s cell phone and wallet, then tackled him when he grabbed the knife and tried to escape. They say one of the suspects hit the man in the head and tried to choke him before the victim pretended to lose consciousness to get them to leave.

The newspaper says a judge sentenced Hewerdine to six years in prison. Moore has a probable-cause hearing scheduled for Wednesday. 

The paper says the judge dismissed armed robbery and home invasion charges because of her plea.

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