Union protests 'Bier Haus' grand opening

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – Protesters fought back Saturday against a new restaurant opening its doors.

Dog Haus Biergarten started business this weekend, giving out free hot dogs to the public as samples. At the same time, labor union workers expressed their frustration with how the Bier Haus went about its Decatur start.

“Businesses like the Dog Haus expect local patrons to come out and spend their local, hard-earned money to patronize their businesses,” construction worker Riki Dial said. “But (they) do not afford us the same respect by hiring local construction workers that do pay standard wages and benefits.”

Dog Haus VP of Operations Wade Lancaster tells WAND-TV the business leased its space (4405 Route 36 East) from a developer. They say the developer assured them that local workers had every opportunity to bid on the remodeling of the space.

He says he kindly asked the protesters to leave the location of the business, but did offer them food. He added that Dog Haus is very committed to the Decatur community and offering jobs to people in the area.

Signs from union protesters read “shame on you, Dog Haus”.

Click here for more information about Dog Haus Biergarten.

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